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February 07 2018

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I know it’s always been there.

February 05 2018


family member: why do you even care so much about gay rights??

gay person about to invent being an ally: oh? You haven’t heard?


Obama: ”I have no more campaigns to run”

*republicans clap*

Obama: “I know, because I won both of them.”


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me when my NOTP kiss vs. when my OTP kiss


Date your local necromancer. When you’re feeling down, they’ll help raise your spirits.


say what you want about millenials but at least we dont lick our fingers to turn a page



Tumblr 2018 prediction

As the “FBI Agent Watching Me” meme gets bigger, people begin drawing their FBI-sonas, and come up with headcanons for their respective agents. A few of these characters (basic white guys, probably with white hair) get popular, as the Onceler, Sans and Komeda did. Some shipping wars commence. FBI-sona discourse ensues. I finally delete my goddamn tumblr.



Congratulations! DOUBT has unlocked exclusive bonus content!


*bees dancing to communicate*

bee cop [breakdancing gently]: im sorry, your wife is dead

bee [twerking]: no… how could this have happened

bee cop [moonwalking]: she was eaten by a bird. it was quick and painless

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I was taking pics of this kitten sitting on her mom when her sister came to square up



This one time I was at a street festival hosted by my Uni and there was a guy doing card tricks. I was watching him when I noticed he dropped a card. (7 of spades) I quickly pu my shoe in it and then bent down to act like I was tying my shoe. He then asks for a volunteer so I raise my hand. He asks me to say the name of a card at random so I say “7 of spades” he does his trick that I guess was supposed to make it come on top. He holds up the Ace of Hearts and says “is this your card?” And I hold up the card and said “no but this is” and the crowd LOST IT. I handed the card back to the magician and walked away. Later he comes up to me and asks me how I did it. I looked him in the eye, smiled and said “magicians never reveal their secrets” and walked away.

this is some god tier trickery and i love it


alignment: chaotic bisexual

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Greenland is farther east, west, north, and south than Iceland.

For some reason I absolutely hate this information

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me irl

these fbi headcanons are getting quite detailed



and they were valid

oh my god they were valid


every breath you take by the police was written abt me tracking my amazon packages

February 04 2018

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Shepherd Boy Pointing at Tobias and the Angel

Abraham Bloemaert, c. 1625-1630

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