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August 25 2017

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this is sweet but also makes it sound like this is a general plea for any lesbian to marry his single granddaughter, rather than him helping his granddaughter propose to her girlfriend 😂

Please Please Marry Our Granddaughter Please

She’s SO so gay and we’re getting kind of desperate





My medieval servant boy has gone missing. I’ll just use Google to see if I can find him.


Oh bother.

im deleting this fucking website

It took me a minute


kinda amazing how literally everything can be made better just by adding lesbians



ben and chris arrived on parks and rec right when mark brendanowicz disappeared because ann and leslie both liked him so they performed a ritual to split him into his law half (ben) and chaos half (chris) and each got to have half of him

False. Mark brandanaquits does not contain enough personality to fill a tea cup, there is no way that by splitting him in half there would be enough law or chaos by themselves to forge two new people. Clearly Donna and April sacrificed the bland boi to bring forth two new ones using witchcraft

August 19 2017




imagine big bang theory, but in family guy’s art style

i tried to read this but my entire body got sent to hell so i dont know what it says

This image has such an intense miasmic aura that I’m typing from inside seven circles of salt

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“At the beginning, she works hard to get into Harvard Law School so she can impress her boyfriend and win him back. Then she becomes much more conscious of her own identity and begins asserting herself under very competitive conditions with her fellow law students. She fights for the respect of her peers and her teachers. At the beginning of the film, she has no goals other than to get married and lead a pampered, privileged life. but she evolves into a determined young woman eager to pursue her ambitions. She overcomes the stereotypes associated with being an attractive blonde.” - resse witherspoon

I love this movie and the third gif on the left is my favorite line from it :D

This movie is so underrated. She is such a sweet person. One who isn’t your typical snotty pretty rich girl. She and her friends are nice people. 

My favorite scene in this movie comes after the 4th gif. When she realizes that nothing she does will make her “good” enough for him. And then she decides to show the world how valuable she can be.


me looking in the mirror: what’s up you anxious bisexual fuck


You know what I find funny? That there was a point in time where you had a best friend and you literally told them everything and now they don’t even text you to see if you’re okay or even text you period. It’s just weird how time changes things.


detective: [kneels down looking over a dead body] hm. gross

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I’m begging you to look at this.

@tenaciousartist omg

August 18 2017


You know Ned Stark was like kid you better look like your mom because if you grow up with white hair and purple eyes it’s going to get tough for me


when you suspect that taylor swift is releasing an album this year and you’re excited but you don’t want to get your hopes up

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That last part hurt my heart

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it took me. so much longer than it should have to realize they meant, like, his decendents and not people who were kinning with confederate general stonewall jackson and had somehow in the 21st century come to terms with the faults of the confederacy. way, way too long.




The best part about not having a gender is that every sort of attraction I feel is gay

You have a gender, it’s in your pants

Everyone! My gender is 67 cents, a pen cap, and some lint

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decode your teen’s texts


lol: lots of lesbians

brb: beautiful radiant bisexuals

pov: plenty of violets

omg: oh my girls

ttyl: totally terrific young lesbians

ftw: for the women

asap: as sapphic as possilbe

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The trio + bathtubs 

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