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July 19 2017

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g i r l s … … girls……. girls… Girls.. Girls. GIRLS. GIRLS! GIRLS!!!! GIRLS!!!!!! GIRLS!!!!!! GIRLS!!!!!!!!!! GIRLS!!!!!!!!!!!♡♡♡GIRLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!♡♡♡!!!!♡♡G♡I♡R♡L♡S♡♡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

♡・゚✧ ☆ ♡・゚✧ ☆!!!!!!!!GIRLS!!!!!!!!♡・゚✧ ☆ ♡・゚✧ ☆


sleeping is nice until u wake up and realize ur still sad lol


I want to be that girl that moved countries after high school to have a successful career and never came back. Off the grid, into the oblivion, bon voyage bitches


Me, crabwalking out of my room in search of drink at 2 am: THORSTy… THORSTY….

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July 18 2017

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Eiffel Tower - Paris - France (by étoiles filantes)

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fucking relatable 

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Are you trying to convince me?




remember how malia obama never tweeted incriminating emails of herself colluding with foreign powers. i miss that.

No she just smoked weed while being guarded by federal agents. But please. Keep acting like either side has a right to the moral high ground.

You’re really fucking stupid if you think a teenager smoking weed is comparable to a grown adult colluding with foreign powers to shift the election.


imagine spock attempting pet names after he learns about them

‘hello, sticky sugar substance’ ‘honey, spock. it’s honey.’ ‘i have been thinking about you, infant’ ‘you mean baby, spock’ ‘you are attractive today, baked goods’ ’…did you mean muffin?’ ‘saccharine face’ ‘uh, sweet cheeks?’ 'good night large father’ 'OH MY GOD SPOCK YOU JUST CALLED ME BIG DADDY’

Aliens but they take shit too seriously



Human: the day i run a marathon is the day i die.

Alien: *makes note to keep human away from marathons*

Weeks later

Human: Just got back from a marathon!

Alien: *SCREECH*

Human: Dude, when you hear this you’ll shit bricks!

Alien: *Eye tendrils flex* I-i-i’d prefer if you wouldnt tell me, thank you.

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I had no idea you guys would also become my very best friends.

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cheryl blossom appreciation week ★ day 6 - favourite outfits 

July 17 2017

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Can’t Wait To See This Movie

Finally, a summer blockbuster that takes risks O.O

Her other daughter is fucking ripped

@toopunkrockforurls pls someone else see this so someone understands why I’m laughing so damn hard




Offense but like how many years did straight people call everything they hated or disliked “gay”,,,,,, yet y'all can’t handle a single generalized statement online about being cis/het but okay!

We’re real people, though.

Local Cishet Admits They Don’t Think Gay People Are Real


sometimes……….. shows that aren’t cancelled…………. are worse

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